This Wednesday (20), the progressive metal quartet Noturnall releases the song ‘Reset the Game’ exclusively through the band’s Youtube, a track that will be featured on the next album of unreleased songs, ‘Cosmic Redemption’ scheduled for release in the second half.

“Well, we’re officially back in the “game”! And this is a song that expresses exactly that feeling of freedom, of being finally free to do what we love after so long incarcerated in a cage.” – comments the vocalist, Thiago Bianchi.

Thiago also says that in addition to being one of the most brutal songs of the band so far, it also exalts the team spirit that the band has been living in this last album and how much this is reflected in this track.

“The incredible guitar work and composition of the track by Mike Orlando, the speed and precision of Henrique Pucci, the solid base in the message of the lyrics by Saulo Xakol, the willpower and companionship of our manager Maurício Tarrago, the security at The dedication of our fans certainly paved the way for one of the most honest vocal interpretations I’ve ever composed in my life and illustrates exactly the moment when I so longed for this lineup to arrive… to total harmony within the Noturnall family.” – adds the vocalist.

The single’s art was in charge of the band’s former partner, Carlos Fides.

“Fides and I arrived at this idea of ​​art precisely by talking about the fact that the message of this song is change. And what is more of a change than Shiva, one of the supreme gods of Hinduism, also known as “the destroyer and regenerator” of vital energy.”

Because the lyrics are precisely about that, about how much we still have to change to reach something really superior and to find ourselves as a species, that is, leaving the old, to embrace the new and that demands courage to do what we have to. Be done. – says Thiago.

So it became clear that it would be the time for Jurará, an “immortal” figure and the band’s mascot, who illustrates all Noturnall covers, to incorporate Shiva and help us in this new phase of the band’s creation. I must admit that this is one of the most direct and courageous works I have ever seen from Fides. I’m a huge fan of his!” – complete.

Another great partnership on the record is from Pablo Greg, one of the most talented arrangers the band has had the pleasure of working with. I have to thank my great friend Edu Falaschi for introducing him to the world! Your orchestral arrangements for this track are from another planet and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is just the first of many works that we will do together! – comments Thiago.

“This track is also a tribute to our audience! And it couldn’t be at a better time, as we will be on the road from the end of April now, with our friends from SHAMAN, on a tour of Brazil!
And this is a gift, not only for the lovers of this incredible style that our country is a pioneer, but also for the true Brazilian Metal heroes, which is the public, which never abandons it!” – comments bassist Xakol

‘Reset the Game‘ was recorded at “Fusão VM&T Studios” in São Paulo, by Thiago Bianchi himself and also at “Sonic Stomp Studios”, in New York, by Mike Orlando. The production is also signed by both, already known producers of the world “metallic” scene. The mix and master were in charge of Thiago Bianchi, with the collaboration of Henrique Pucci.

The direction and post-production of the video was in charge of Kauê O. Commi and co-direction, by the vocalist, Thiago Bianchi, still with images of the also director and partner of the band, Daniel Mazza.

The track will be released by the label “Atração”, in Brazil, with its release in the rest of the world still in the negotiation phase.

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