Noturnall continues to promote the new album “Cosmic Redemption” with the release of the single and music video for “Try Harder”, released on the YouTube channel this past Thursday (30/3) and on Rafael Bittencourt’s Amplifica program. The song is the fourth track released in digital format from the album “Cosmic Redemption”, which was released for the time being only in physical format, and features strong lyrics, with a critique of the system that governs lives in society.

Watch “Try Harder”: v=PmmSzkjKT74

Watch Thiago Bianchi’s interview on Amplifica: watch?v=QxCZ2KCE8I8

Recorded in the favela of Rocinha, in Rio de Janeiro, the music video shows Thiago Bianchi (vocals), Saulo Xakol (bass), Mike Orlando (guitar) and Henrique Pucci (drums) amidst the reality of the people. With strong social criticism, “Try Harder” is heavy and has all the characteristics of the band, with an emotional chorus and intricate instrumental parts, Noturnall is the first Brazilian heavy metal group to record in the Rocinha community.

About the song and the music video, Thiago Bianchi comments: “It was a very special moment to record in Rocinha and have the support of everyone in the community, who embraced the band and helped make this video really incredible. To be the first heavy metal band to record at this location is an honor and a privilege.”

“This track is also a tribute to our audience. And it couldn’t be at a better time. This is a gift, not only for lovers of this incredible style that our country pioneered, but also for the true heroes of Brazilian Metal, which is the public, who never abandon it!”, said bassist Xakol.

“Try Harder” was recorded and produced at “Fusão VM&T Studios”, in São Paulo, and is produced by Thiago Bianchi and Mike Orlando, with co-production by Saulo Xakol and Henrique Pucci. The mix and master were in charge of Thiago Bianchi with the collaboration of Henrique Pucci. The video was directed and post-produced by Thiago Bianchi, Danilo de França & Yan Badachu.

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