A espera acabou!
Finalmente e totalmente gratuito, aqui está um dos melhores momentos de Noturnall em vídeo!

Noturnall Live! – “Cosmic Redemption”
Video extracted from “Made In Russia” Live DVD!
Full concert will be available July 13th!

Noturnall is:
Thiago Bianchi – Vocals
Mike Orlando – Guitars
Saulo Xakol – Bass
Henrique Pucci – Drums

“Cosmic Redemption”
(Song by Orlando/Bianchi, Lyrics by Bianchi/Xakol, Keys by Bianchi, Arranged by Orlando/Bianchi/Xakol/Pucci)

Concerts recorded between June 12th and 16th, 2019, in
Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Directed by:
Thiago Bianchi
Rodrigo Rossi
Daniel Mazza

Cameras direction by:
Rodrigo Rossi

Edited by:
Daniel Mazza
Thiago Bianchi

Filmed by:
Rodrigo Rossi
Renato Godinho
Flávio Zanella
Marcos Sel
Douglas Das Neves

Produced By Thiago Bianchi At Fusão Studios
Edited By Flávio Zanella and Leo Mancini
Concert Audio engineered by: Zé Luis Carrato
Concert Lights Directed by: Beto Nogueira

Drum Tech – Ramon “Tripa” Cruz
Guitar Tech – Daniel Sousa
Vocal Tech – Flávio Zanella
Bass Tech – Marcos Sel
Stage Manager – Douglas das Neves
Tour Management and Merch – Robs Bianchi
General Management – Mauricio Tarrago

Noturnall uses and abuses:
Jackson Guitars, Tama Drums, Marshall Amps,
Sennheiser Mics and Wireless Systems, Mogami Cables, Paiste Cymbals, GHS Strings, Rocktron FX, FU-Tone, Charvel Guitars, EVH D-Tuna, Dimarzio, Fractal Audio Systems, Shredneck, Digitech, Audio Dream, Fusão Studios, Ahead Drumsticks, Aquarian Drumheads, SKB Cases, Axis Percussion, Gorilla Pads, D solution.

Special Thanks to:
The great band Disturbed and it’s amazing crew!
The amazing Russian audience!
Ryan Raes and Sergejs Kustovs!
Mike Maeda (Tama Brasil)!
And of course, to all our friends and fans around the world…
See ya on the road!

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